Dr. David Blaiwas, D.Ac., M.Ac. L.Ac.


Traditional Acupuncture is the oldest, continuously practiced system of medicine in the world.

Though these treatment techniques have been used for centuries, this holistic healing system has proven to be safe and effective for the pain and illnesses so many of us suffer with in today’s hectic stressful world.  

What makes Traditional Acupuncture different from Western medicine, is that our approach to medicine and healing is focused on you… the patient.

Each patient is a unique individual.  No two people will ever have exactly the same health history or same cause of their symptoms.  So each patient receives unique and personalized care…  each treatment strategy created specifically for the individual.  

To create this type of care, my focus  is on listening to you… your physical symptoms,  chronic illnesses, emotional upsets,  the stress in your life.  These need to be heard and understood in order to develop an effective treatment plan to restore your health and vitality.

I invite you to read through my website to discover all the ways Traditional Acupuncture can bring health and balance back into your life.

--David Blaiwas,  D.Ac., M. Ac. 

In-Network and Accepting CareFirst/Blue Cross, AETNA and CIGNA Health Insurance